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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Sinister Cinema bring us the UNCUT and widescreen version of this bizarre muscle popper.

A race of albino warriors from underneath the Earth come out at night and destroy villages and take slave labor.

Mark Forest is Maciste, who along with a friend named Bango are captured by the Mole Men. Maciste is tested in many ways by the evil queen named Halis Mojab (Moria Orfei).

Maciste must also fight a huge gorilla monster, savage lions and the Queen slowly falls in love with him, which sets off palace intrigue to the max.

Paul Wynter is Bango and his beautiful friend Tulac is played by Janine Hendy about which little is known. The print quality is exceptional and the film is in it's original Italian language with English subtitles.

This has been a hard film to track down in a totally uncut version, but it has finally arrived. If you like these kinds of films, I recommend you check this one out.

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