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Monday, May 30, 2016


Wow! What a bizarre film.

Andrew Prine stars as Andre, a man with some serious problems.

Three young women on their way to Las Vegas experience car trouble and must sleep at the side of the road for the night. In the morning they are awakened by Andre. He offers to help them an they agree so he drives them to his home and before you know it they become captives of a very deranged man.

Andre has a collection of women in his barn at his desert home. He keeps them chained and treats them like animals. He tortures and abuses them, and if the women misbehave he smears them with calves blood and send his pet mountain lion after them.

Besides all of this fun going on it also appears Andre's father is still around as well. He has been contaminated by nuclear radiation due to the farm being so close to a testing ground. He is now a mutated monster who stalks the desert looking for victims.

Andre believes one of the women is his mother and so he treats her a little better than the others, but that isn't saying much. The girls' agent is desperately looking for them but has little luck until he meets a sheriff that helps him out.

All does not end well in this twisted little film. I know much has been written about this film over the last many years and none of it is good. But I actually enjoyed this film. Most people get too wound up about this.

Yes there are women abused in this film, some of it is not pleasant to watch, but I know it's just a movie, and an exploitation movie at that. I like it and I will defend it. The print from Legend House is simply the best version I have ever seen of this film, and now it's up to you to decide if you want to see it. I cannot see any exploitation fan missing it, and hey Andrew Prine is one of the best.

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