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Saturday, May 21, 2016

RIP ALAN YOUNG 1919-2016

The star most known for the TV show Mr. Ed has passed away.

Alan Young had a long and distinguished career in movies and TV but will always be remembered for the role of Wilbur Post, the hapless owner of a horse named Ed, who just happened to talk.

Mr. Ed has always been a favorite of mine and there are several episodes I laugh until i cry watching it. Young fit the role perfectly and the show ran from 1961-1966 with 144 episodes.

People who read this blog probably also know that Young starred in the Time Machine in 1960 as a very good friend of the time traveler played by Rod Taylor. That was actually my first introduction to Alan Young.

Young has left us a lasting legacy of fun films and a TV show we will never forget. He died May 19th at the age of 96.

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