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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


A rare find indeed!!

Why rare? This is a modern film that actually tells a story, and doesn't involve a superhero.

Lauren Cohen stars as a young woman who travels from Montana to England for a nanny job. When she arrives she finds a rather bizarre elderly couple and their "child" named Brahms. The "child" turns out to be a life size doll that looks just like the couples dead eight year old child.

They leave her a list of things to do everyday with the doll. The nanny, Greta, thinks everything is a big joke, but soon finds that the doll may have a life of it's own.

There are some very frightening moments in this fun little thriller directed by William Brent Bell. The cast is made up of people I have never heard of, but they all do their jobs very well. The ending is a neat twist that reminds me of a certain 70's made for TV film I saw many years ago. I won't mention it here as it will spoil the film for people who haven't seen the film yet.

It is nice to see that some people can still make terror films and not rely on car explosions and superheros. I recommend this film for any fan of horror. It's about time we had a subtle horror film that takes it's time and builds up a good story.

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