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Friday, May 13, 2016


I reviewed this a few months ago, but this is strictly for the new Blu-ray release.

Jess Franco directed this bizarre yet fun film about an evil woman named Sumitra who wants to control the world and rid it of men.

Sumitra is played by the gorgeous Shirley Eaton, and this is strictly comic book pulp. There are some very flashy costumes that remind one of fetish films, but then again, this IS a Franco film.

Maria Rohm is sexy as hell in her short black hair and almost see thru dress towards the beginning of the film. It seems that Sumitra is after a criminal who has stolen 10 million dollars. She wants it to finance her revolution. It turns out that the thief, played by Richard Wyler isn't a thief at all, but a man sent to rescue a young girl kidnapped by Sumitra.

The theft has been a ruse all the time. In the meantime there is another crook named Masius played by George Sanders who uses the info to invade the city Sumitra has set up and he has plans on taking over.

Again, this is pure pulp comic from beginning to end, and it's a very enjoyable ride. I can't see how anyone wouldn't like this twisted film, and it's great that Blue Underground has put this on Blu-ray along with "Million Eyes Of Sumuru". If you get the double feature Blu-ray you can drift back to a much better time in the movie world than what we have today.

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