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Monday, May 9, 2016


One of the most recognizable character actors had died.

Schallert was born on July 6, 1922 and became that face of many of us who read this blog.

He acted in several hundred movies and TV shows, most notably as Patty Duke's father in the show "The Patty Duke Show". He also appeared in many movies such as "Twilight Zone" from 1982, "Them", "Monolith Monsters", " Man From Planet X","Colossus The Forbin Project", "Amazons" and many more.

Some of the hundreds of TV shows he appeared in include "Twilight Zone", "Bionic Woman", "Ironside", "Get Smart" and "Land Of the Giants" as well as many more.

He leaves us a legacy that will outlast many of us. He was 93.

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