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Sunday, May 1, 2016


A great drive in horror film.

Strother Martin stars as a mad scientist who is experimenting with humans and trying to turn them into snakes so the human race can survive.

Dirk Benedict is a young college student who comes to work with the doctor and he quickly becomes the next test subject. The doc injects him with a special serum which he claims will make him immune to most snake bites.

In reality these are injections to slowly turn him into a reptile! Heather Menzies is the doctors beautiful daughter which Benedict falls for.

The snakes in this film are very real, not the CGI crap of today's films and it is very interesting to see the actors interact with the poisonous critters. Martin turns in a great performance as always.

I saw this on it's initial run and it has stuck with me all these years, especially the ending which I find very, very disturbing. Shout has finally turned this out on Blu-ray and it looks fantastic.

Extras on the disc include interviews with Benedict and Menzies and both have nothing but good things to say about the experience. I recommend this release for anyone who likes 70's horror. Thanks Shout Factory!!

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