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Thursday, May 5, 2016


Rare little Giallo that has to be seen to be believed.

Farley Granger stars as a painter who is given a mannequin by some stoned out hippies he sees one day on a walk and he decides to take it home.

After a short while it seems to take on a life of it's own and become a beautiful young woman who doesn't say a word, but does keep the painter company. Lovely Krista Nell is the said the beginning.

After another short while it comes to look like gorgeous Erica Blanc. This woman does everything possible to keep Granger happy and all seems well until she starts taunting him by messing around with every man she sees.

Granger starts to lose what little sanity he has left, and Blanc always looks good in and out of her clothes. I did notice that she wears the same exact libido hardening dress she wore in "Devil's Nightmare"!!

Without giving away the rather twisted little plot too much I will say that all does not end well for Granger. This is sort of a reverse Giallo told in a unique way.

Fans of Euro horror and Giallo will not want to miss this. Nell is beautiful as the first incarnation of the mannequin and it is sad her life was cut so short from leukemia. Granger looks a little tired, but does a good job, the very beautiful Ivana Novak is also on hand and looking smoking hot as usual, and then we have Erica Blanc.

She is absolutely one of the sexiest women to EVER make a damn movie. Her ability to make any role into a sexy one is unmatched, even today. I will watch any film with Erica in it, and I have never been disappointed yet. The print from Retromedia isn't bad considering.

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