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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Decent sword and sandal film starring Dan Vadis.

Vadis is Roccia, who, along with 9 other fellow gladiators are taken into captivity by Nero.

They make their plans to overthrow him and his evil henchman, Tigelinus. There are many bloody confrontations and battle that are fought.

During one of the battles the men lose their mentor, Resius an then they also find they must rescue his beautiful daughter \who has been captured and taken to the dungeon for torture.

Vadis does an excellent job in this film, and the ending is one that I did not see coming at all. Not a bad film at all and one I can recommend for sword and sandal fans. The print from Mill Creek is ok, but as I always say, I wish these kinds of movies were presented in proper widescreen.

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