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Saturday, May 21, 2016


I reviewed this about 4 years ago and decided it was time to give the film another look.

Patricia Morrison is a young woman who hires a search party to find her missing fiance.

The party discovers the man living with a tribe ruled by a white woman named Zita. It seems many years ago Zita and some of her other friends were lost at sea and washed ashore. They survived, and their mothers taught them to speak. Over the years the tribe of women has been living in a shroud of mystery.

Morrison finds her fiance is in love with Zita and has to accept the fact that he isn't interested in her anymore. This is a bad film, but it has a very limited running time of 59 minutes and it has a lot of stock footage.

Amira Moustafa is Zita, and this was her third and final screen appearance. I can only wonder what happened to her and not much is known. Well, a good time waster if you like low budget adventure films. I know I do.

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