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Sunday, May 29, 2016


Kirk Morris stars in this outing.

Morris is Maciste, one of the many sons of Hercules. An evil Queen named Tenefi has taken over the throne in Memphis and now demands sacrifices of virgins to the Gods of fire.

Maciste finds out about this and comes to the aid of the people. The Queen, played by beautiful Liuba Bodina, uses evil magic to erase Macistes' mind and make him a total slave to her every whim.

A woman who truly loves Maciste finds a way to rescue him and bring him back to his right mind. During the course of the film Maciste is put thru several trials including having horses attempting to pull him apart.

The scenes where he fights a group of cavemen called "Yuri-Men" is a highlight. This is is wide screen and not too bad of a film. Morris isn't the best leading man, but I have seen much worse. Recommended.

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