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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


A true classic of blaxploitation.

Rudy Ray Moore stars as Dolemite, a man framed by a rival and the cops and who is now serving a 20 year stretch in jail.

Along comes a woman called Queen Bee (Lady Reed) and she and the prison warden offer Dolemite a chance at freedom. If he can stop the influx of drugs into his part of town and stop a top gangster and his rival Willie Green, he will be pardoned.

Dolemite agrees and that starts one of the most outrageous, but fun movies I have seen in a long time. When he is released, Dolemite is picked up in a Cadillac by several gorgeous women. I especially loved his hot as hell driver!!

Willie Green is played by the director D'Urville Martin, and he turns in a good performance. Moore is perfect as the jive talking anti-hero, at least I see him as an anti-hero. There are many pitched gun battles and some outrageous fight scenes in this film and once it starts, it never really lets up. The entire film is fun, and you can tell it was made in a hurry as there are several flubbed lined and poor delivery of others, but who cares, just roll with it.

There is plenty of eye candy here as well. In most blaxploitation films the women are simply gorgeous and this film is no exception. Dolemite has a trained army of female kung fu fighters and it's a hoot to watch them kick ass as only they can.

The print from Vinegar Syndrome is beautiful an if you are a fan of this film you gotta see it. The Blu-ray looks very good, and some of the extras are interesting as well. If you get a chance check it out. A sequel was made called "The Human Tornado" which will be coming out soon.

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