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Thursday, May 26, 2016


Good action film starring Steve Reeves.

Reeves is Aeneas the leader of a group of escapees from the Trojan War who want nothing but to live in peace.

However these thoughts are soon vanquished because of the evil empire that owns the lands they wish to live on. Aeneas faces many challenges, many of which are battles he easily wins.

Reeves carries the role very well in this black and white sword and sandal effort. American Albert Band is given sole directorial credit in the film, which is somewhat bizarre, but oh well.

If you like Reeves other films in this genre you may find this a little slow, but it is interesting. One of the very few of these I have seen that isn't in color. I do believe it was released in color, but I haven't seen such a print. Giacomo Rossi Stuart co-stars.

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