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Monday, June 27, 2016


John Agar stars in the Danish sci-fi outing now available on Blu-ray.

While previously being available on DVD on the MGM Midnight Movie line, this film finally makes it to Blu-ray thanks to Kino.

Agar and a crew of astronauts land on Uranus and instead of finding a cold barren planet they find it is much like Earth and is even inhabited by beautiful women!!

It seems an alien intellect is controlling the men thru their deepest thoughts! The men discover many things while exploring including a village one of them grew up in. There are also some pretty cool monsters in this film and some stock footage of a giant tarantula from the film "Earth Vs. The Spider".

When this was announced on Blu-ray many people wanted to know if the original Danish version of the film with different monsters was coming out as well, and I am sad to say that will never happen. AIP put their own monsters in the film because they were disappointed with the original Danish ones.

The film is fun and should please any sci-fi fan. the cast also includes the gorgeous Ann Smyrner, Greta Thyssen and Carl Ottosen. The print quality on the Blu-ray is incredible with very little damage. Recommended!!

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