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Thursday, June 9, 2016


A very fun film.

I had actually never heard of this film until recently, and what a nice discovery it was. A female wrestler and her boyfriend are caught up in a bizarre plot hatched by a mad doctor.

He has created a robot that he uses to kidnap various people and the female wrestler and her friend have to stop it. The robot is pretty cool looking and is used quite a bit by the scientist. It seems he needs the knowledge of other scientists to make the creation perfect for world domination.

About two thirds into the film the female wrestlers find and destroy the robot, so the mad doctor lets loose his other surprise, a caged ape monster much like the gorilla-man in "Night Of The Bloody Apes". He transplants the brain of his ape-man into the skull of a kidnapped lady wrestler and send her into the ring to kill the women.

The plot sounds very much like director Rene Cardona's previous efforts as mentioned above. This is however, the first of the wrestling women films to have been shot in color, and I love the garishness of it all. The film isn't dubbed into english and there are no subtitles, but who cares.

Check this out if you're a Mexican horror movie fan. You'll love it.

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