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Saturday, June 4, 2016


I reviewed this a few years ago and now it has finally turned up on Blu-ray.

William Campbell and Patrick Magee star in this somewhat bizarre crime film which is a recut and rescored version of the film reviewed yesterday entitled "Operation Titian".

Ronald Stein composed the score which if familiar to most of us as the tracks used in the film "Dementia 13". The plot is still basically in tact. A young artist is involved in the murder of an elderly man and a valuable painting turns up missing.

The body count piles up and a police inspector is hot on the trail of the murderer. Magee is a mysterious man who dresses in white who is also a suspect. The beautiful Dubrovnik scenery is always a plus in this film, and scenes from this nifty thriller turned up in two horror films from Roger Corman, and those will be reviewed here in the coming days.

The Arrow Blu-ray of this film is a very welcome addition to any collection. I have never seen the film look better and the beautiful black and white photography really shows thru on this disc.

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