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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Interesting non horror film from Mexico.

This is the third and final film featuring Elizabeth Campbell and Lorena Velazquez as the wrestling women. In this film they do not battle supernatural monsters, and so I assume this film has a limited appeal.

Although this film isn't dubbed into English you really don't need it. It seems like a gang is attempting to take over the wrestling business and are not above murder to obtain their goals.

This is an interesting film which follows the same plot as all the films where the women meet monsters, but like I said, it gangsters this time and a group of very evil women.

There is some comedy in this film including a running gag in which a woman constantly kicks and beats her husband until at the very end when he gets his revenge. Velazquez is sexy as always and any film with her is well worth seeing. You will also notice that Campbell slips into speaking English in one scene involving the kidnappers.

If you like Mexican wrestling movies this is probably for you, but again, if you're looking for monsters forget it.

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