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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


One of the most bizarre films I have ever seen.

A friend of mine wanted to see this film and even though it's a modern film I said "what the hell harm can it do" and so I watched this twisted little film.

A young boy who family is totally dysfunctional finds his Christmas ruined and he throws his letter to Santa out his bedroom window. This somehow causes a Christmas demon to appear at his home.

Strange things start to happen when the power is cut off at the home, a very bad blizzard envelopes their neighborhood and his big sister goes missing when on her way to her boyfriends home. Things only get worse when the missing girl's father goes to look for her with his brother and one is bitten by something under the snow.

The house is suddenly attacked by weird monsters including evil elves, a monster teddy bear, an evil Christmas angel, demonic toys and killer gingerbread men!! The gingerbread men are hilarious and what happens to them will bring laughter to you.

I have read that some people didn't understand the ending, but it's simple enough. The Krampus itself is an interesting creature that is the exact opposite of Santa.

I kinda liked this film. The characters are not very likable, but then again in modern films none of them tend to be. Recommended for people who want something a little different.

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