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Thursday, June 30, 2016


A great film noir finally on Blu-ray.

Excellent tale about corruption and murder. Edmond O' Brien is a cop named Barney Nolan who in the opening moments of the film kills a stoolie carrying $25,000 in cash. Barney steals the cash and kills the man while making it look like a police procedure.

Unbeknownst to Barney there is a witness, a deaf mute whom he later kills. His girlfriend Patty is played by the gorgeous Marla English. This was her first credited role in a film, and you first see her in a cigarette girls outfit that made my tongue hit the floor.

Barney's partner is Det. Sgt. Mark Brewster played by John Agar. Brewster is a good cop and as the noose of the investigation tightens around Barney's neck the more Brewster suspects him.

This is a damn well made film directed by Howard Koch and Edmond O' Brien. The quality of the print from Kino is staggeringly beautiful. I wish more of the 50's film noir would be released to Blu-ray.

The rest of the cast in this top noth thriller include Emile Meyer, Carolyn Jones, Claude Akins (in an unforgettable role), and William Schallert.

I cannot recommend this film enough. This is what filmmaking should be.

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