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Monday, June 13, 2016


Truly entertaining Philippine made film.

The print from Sinister is excellent and this is a film that should be seen by all fantasy film fans.

The plot involves a young man who is chosen by his dead uncle to save his people from evil. he has to engage with a vicious demonic man called "Prince Of Magic" who has the ability to make people's heads spin around and shoot laser beams out of his hands.

There are plenty of action scenes including many fights with evil and even a dead body that comes out of the ocean! The young man named Lando finally challenges the Devil to come out and fight, which he does.

Satan is surrounded by beautiful women who have the ability to change into cats, dogs and snakes and they all attempt to kill Lando, but to no avail as Lando posses some magic powers of his own.

This is a great fantasy film and one that comes highly recommended!

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