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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Very odd but fun film.

Jupiter is growing tired of his daughter, Venus and her sexual escapades on Mount Olympus and decides to have her marry either Vulcan, a working Mortal or Mars the God of war.

Things get out of hand when Mars and Venus go to earth and start a campaign of war along with Pluto and Eris. Mars actually wants to build a tower that reaches up to Olympus so the army can march and take over.

As I said, this is pretty wild stuff, but that is what sets this apart from most films of this kind. There are a few monsters in this and some truly beautiful women including Annie Gorassini as Venus and Bella Cortez as Aetna, the woman Vulcan loves.

Gordon Mitchell shows up in a small role as Pluto, the God of Darkness and he has a few memorable scenes as well. I cannot recommend this enough for it's sheer weirdness.

If you get a chance you may want to check this out. I have never sen another sword and sandal film quite like it.

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