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Sunday, June 12, 2016


Very interesting look at a most interesting career.

Eric Bischoff started out his career in pro wrestling as an announcer for the AWA under the guidance of Verne Gagne. He slowly worked his way up and soon foun himself out of work after the AWA folded.

Going to work for WCW after that he did what has never been done before. he worked his way from announcer to the man who headed the company and took it to heights the company had only dreamed of.

Under Eric's lead the company started a show on Monday night called Nitro and it was live, which had never been done. This was the start of the classic "Monday Night Wars" and wrestling history. Bischoff also started a new "heel" group, of faction as the case may be called the NWO.

For a record 84 weeks WCW smashed WWE in the ratings and was the most watched show ever to be on cable TV. His philosophy was simple. Controversy creates cash and so does the element of surprise.

This three disc set takes a very detailed look at his career up to the present. Eric lives in Cody, Wyoming now and is not too involved in wrestling anymore. He lives quietly with his beautiful wife on a nice sized ranch and he enjoys that life now.

On this set you have his early days in AWA as well as other highlights including his top 10 most controversial moments and his wonderful run in WCW as the head of the NWO.

There is not a wrestling fan around that shouldn't see this set or own it. Bischoff was one of a kind in the wrestling business and a very welcome breath of fresh air in what was a dying industry. it is a shame there aren't people like him in the business today.

This is a highly recommended set that shouldn't be missed.

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