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Friday, June 3, 2016


Rare thriller now available on Blu-ray.

William Campbell stars in this obscure crime thriller. He plays a young artist in Dubrovnik who becomes involved in the murder of an elderly man and a missing painting.

Patrick Magee is Dr. Morisijus, a mysterious man dressed all in white who arrives in the small coastal town with a US diving team.

A police inspector is on the trail of the murderer and a young woman is also involved. This is not a bad crime thriller, and it was nice to see this for the first time via Arrow's blu-ray.

This movie on it's own is good, but it has one of the most bizarre histories of any film made. Thanks to Roger Corman, this film, or should I say scenes from this film were used in three other features, and those we will get into here in the coming days.

If you enjoy crime films, I would recommend this one. Rare indeed.

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