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Saturday, June 25, 2016


One of my favorite Pam Grier films come to Blu thanks to Arrow.

Grier stars along with Margaret Markov in this exploitation version of "The Defiant Ones". Grier is a prostitute and Markov is a revolutionary who finds themselves in the same banana republic prison being lorded over by a lesbian prison warden (Lynn Borden).

They are sent to the city for more questioning and chained together at the wrist. Both make their escape and that is where the fun starts.

At first they are fighting each other every step of the way until they realize they need each other to survive while trying to elude the police dogs and fins food to eat.

This is a very enjoyable little film with two very beautiful leads and a supporting cast that includes Vic Diaz, Eddie Garcia and Sid Haig. It was, of course, shot in the Philipines and directed by Eddie Romero.

The Arrow Blu-ray is a sight to behold. The colors are very crisp and the film actually never looked better. If you get a chance, check it our. The disc also has an interesting interview with both Haig and Markov.

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