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Sunday, June 5, 2016


William Campbell stars in this interesting Roger Corman mishmash.

Campbell is Antonio Sordi, an artist in California who paints pictures called "Dead Reds Nudes" and they sell for quite a bit of money.

He is involved with a young woman named Dorean played by Linda Saunders however he never lets her up in his studio and will not make love to her.

It turns out that Toni is a cursed man from his ancestors and he can turn into a vampire at will and kill people. He does this a few times in the film and then dips their bodies ion wax and keeps them inside the studio.

This is the another film that uses footage from "Operation Titian". It was co-directed by Jack Hill and Stephanie Rothman and has one of the most interesting histories of any film ever made.

It's a good film, at least I like it and this is a version I had never seen before. This is the version that played with "Queen Of Blood" on a double bill in 1966. The brief running time of 62 minutes caused this film some trouble when sold to TV, so it has one more incarnation, and that is on tap for tomorrow.

The quality of the film on Blu-ray is excellent and I highly recommend this little gem which also stars Sid Haig, Jonathan Haze and Sandra Knight.

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