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Monday, June 6, 2016


This is the fourth and final film in the great Arrow set.

Previously I have reviewed "Operation Titian", "Portrait In Terror" and "Blood Bath" and now I come to the final film that ties everything together.

This little gem stars William Campbell as an artist in California that is also a vampire. When the original version of the film entitled "Blood Bath" was released to TV it was found to be too short so footage had to be shot to pad the film out.

Now I don't mind a little padding, but there is one scene in here that is totally boring and as far as I am concerned unnecessary. That is a five minute ballet scene shot on the beach with an actress that is supposed to be Linda Saunders, but looks nothing like her and has an entirely different body type.

Anyway, there are several new scenes including a long murder scene and several minutes of footage from "Operation Titian" put back into this film and re-dubbed. This makes the film run about 77 minutes and that was acceptable for TV back in the day.

I remember this film being run a lot on KCPX TV in Salt Lake City and I knew immediately when I saw it that something was very different about this film. Now thanks to Arrow all four of these unique films are available on one 2 disc set. Also in the set if a visual essay by Tim Lucas which runs longer than some of the movies. It's a fascinating look at one of the most bizarre movie histories ever.

The prints all look fantastic and should please fans of the genre. One of the best releases of the year so far.

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