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Saturday, April 22, 2017


One of the last film Boris Karloff did in Mexico before he passed away. Known also as SINISTER INVASION.

Bizarre film about an alien visiting the Earth in the late 1800's because he has been attracted by a ray shot into space by Prof. Mayer (Karloff).

The alien wanders around while an alien intelligence takes over the mind of a sex killer named Thomas who then proceeds to infiltrate the Mayer home.

The film is not well put together, but the Karloff inserts are the highlight, of course. Thomas is played by Yerye Beirute, a name not remembered but a face well known in all of these Mexican/Karloff efforts.

The main alien just walks around a lot while voice over "thoughts" are transmitted so we can hear what is going on. This is recommended for Karloff fans as well as Mexican horror film lovers.

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