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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Very interesting obscure film noir.

Ron Foster is Larry Shaw, a young man who quickly rises in the ranks of organized crime during the 1920's.

He becomes a bodyguard to a top gangster, then a hitman and finally tries to take over the entire crime syndicate using his very powerful murder for hire organization.

He does the take over attempt by kidnapping other gangsters and generally raising havoc until the gangs get together and decide they have had enough.

Foster is very good in the lead role, and this was my first introduction to his career. Edward L. Cahn directs with his usual skill and talent.

The film is a rare one and hard to find, but if you get a chance and you're a film noir buff you might enjoy this fast moving little film.

The rest of the cast includes Luana Patton, Grant Richards, Dayton Lummis, and Johnny Seven. Recommended!!

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