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Sunday, April 2, 2017


It has been many years since I first saw this Phil Tucker classic.

Two alien orbs from space inhabit the dead bodies of two people killed in a car crash and then start meddling with Cape Canaveral launches.

Jason Johnson and Katherine Victor are the aliens. Jonhson's character of Hauron has to have his arm sewn back on by Nadja (Victor). No sooner than his arm is fixed he gets it torn off again by guard dogs near a launching.

Meanwhile, scientists are trying to figure out why every missile they launch crashes back down to earth or explodes in space. Scott Peters is Tom Wright, a brilliant young scientist who seems more interested in Sally Markham (Linda Connell in her only film performance) who is working with him.

Soon both are captured by the aliens and along with the also captured group of people sent to rescue them, they come up with an ingenious escape plan.

This is a very minimalist production and it really shows, but that, I believe is part of it's charm. The invaders have a lot of problems getting along and they have priceless dialogue to prove it. Billy Greene is Dr. Von Hoften and he seems on the edge of a complete nervous breakdown in almost every scene.

Movies simply don't get any better than this. There are a lot of subtexts and not so subtle messages about romance, or the lack of it, and Tucker brings his usual style to this production.

I am very glad to have this film back in my collection as it is an early memory from a childhood well spent watching this kind of stuff on my small black and white 13 inch TV back in the day.

Most people have nothing good to say about this little obscure gem, but I recommend it for those who are ROBOT MONSTER fans or just plain enjoy off the wall entertainment.

My only question is...WHERE IS THE BLU-RAY release???

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