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Saturday, April 29, 2017


One of my favorite 50s thrillers finally comes to Blu-ray!!!

Many years ago I bought the Warner Archive DVD of this film and enjoyed the hell out of it. Now its on Blu-ray and looking better than ever.

On a small south seas island a man named Kimo (Gregg Palmer) is accused of breaking a tribal taboo and he is put to death. He is then buried in a small coffin and lowered into the ground.

Before his death, Kimo said he'd come back, and sure enough he comes back as a tree monster the natives call Tabonga. The creature then proceeds to kill everyone responsible for his death.

Paul Blaisdell created the creature which surely has to be one of, if not the most bizarre monsters of the 50's. I first saw this little gem on KWGN TV from Denver in the 80's and recorded it on VHS and have loved it ever since.

Tod Andrews, Tina Carver and John McNamara are the three scientists on the island fighting native superstition and monsters. All of them do a very good job, but I really think they should have dubbed Carver's screams.

I know when this was first announced by Warner as coming to Blu-ray all the little snowflake "fanboys" were bitching and moaning. I for one and VERY glad to see this come out, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to any 50's horror fan. In my opinion, these are the kinds of movies Blu-ray was made for!!

ALL HAIL TOBONGA!!!! The only bonus on the disc is the trailer which calls the monster by the WRONG name. They call it Baranga!!

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