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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Bizarre and obscure little gem.

This is a ZIV production and I have never seen it anywhere but on the bootleg DVD I have which was made from a VHS tape long ago.

A sailor played by Frank Brana escapes from a mutiny on a ship and finds himself washed ashore on an island.

He finds a cave full of old weapons and a few skeletons but before you know it he is attacked by a strange tribe that lands on the island.

Much to the sailor's surprise the invading tribe is met by a tribe that lives on the island. Amazon women led by the very beautiful Kilma (Blanca Estrada).

The sailor, Dan Robinson ends up saving Kilma's life and the two slowly fall in love. Dan then warns them that the ship he escaped from may be coming to the island and that the women all have to be ready...and sure enough the pirates do show up.

In between the quiet times and the pirates showing up we learn that an alien race had entrusted the Amazons to keep safe a strange globe filled with light that will help the aliens return someday.

It's all very bizarre, but the women are all gorgeous and wear little clothing, which is the way it should be. If you can find this little gem, put your mind on stop and enjoy.

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