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Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Very interesting Peter Cushing horror film.

Cushing is a very successful plastic surgeon named Sir John Rowan. His fiancee, Lynn Nolan (Sue Lloyd) talks him into going to a party after a very long day.

He does so and in a fit of jealousy the good doctor gets into a fight with a sleazy photographer. This results in Lynn getting badly burned when a light falls on her face, and hence the nightmare begins.

Rowan finds a cure for her, but it doesn't last so he has to resort to murder in order to keep Nolan beautiful. Both Cushing and Lloyd are perfect as the insane couple, each with their own destructive desires.

There are a lot of very effective scenes in this film and every time Cushing is killing someone the camera takes on a "fish eye" look and it makes Cushing look even more insane.

The ending involves an out of control laserbeam and some punks, but I don't want to give too much away in case you haven't seen this film.

Cushing fans may be surprised by this film as it is more startling and graphic than his previous efforts, but it is a film I can easily recommend to anyone. The rest of the cast includes Valarie Van Ost, Kate O' Mara, David Lodge and Noel Trevarthen.

Director Robert Hartford-Davis also directed the superior "Black Torment".

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