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Friday, April 7, 2017


Another great low budget film from Edward L. Cahn.

Ron Foster stars as Det. Scott Harper, a man who has been overlooked for many promotions, but just keeps plugging along.

He gets assigned to a case involving a diamond heist and his life is soon changed forever. He falls for the young woman of the gangster who plotted the robbery. Her name is Holly and is expertly played by Patricia Blair.

Scott also finds himself falling for all the diamonds and he soon finds he has to kill the gangster and also some fellow cops in order to keep the money and escape with Holly to Mexico.

This is another fun little B picture from director Cahn and it moves along at the usual fast pace. Foster does a great job in this just like he did in "Music Box Kid".

I recommend this for fans of crime films and any fan of Edward Cahn.

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