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Sunday, April 16, 2017


This is easily one of the most bizarre films of the 70's.

Filmed in the cold and snowy winter in Canada in 1976, this film wasn't released here until 1980 and it disappeared quickly. I have seen this many times in butchered versions and very crappy prints, but now Severin has brought us the uncut version in a very beautiful print.

A young girl and her father are killed in a car accident and many years later the girls brother moves into the old family estate with his wife and daughter, Cathy.

Strange things start happening right away and soon Cathy is possessed by the spirit of the little girl killed in the car crash many years ago, who is, of course Cathy's aunt. Randi Allen is Cathy, and she is very good at playing the possessed and very cruel girl.

There are so many bizarre images in this film and quite a few good scares as well. Cathy has an evil doll, and this little creepy thing will give you nightmares. It's nothing like dolls in many films made after this, but it will make you think twice about keeping old dolls.

The sequence with spiders, snakes and rats will make you wince a bit. if it doesn't you're probably already

Alan Scarfe is Cathy's father and Beverly Murray is her distraught mother. The Blu-ray has interviews with the director, Eddy Matalon and long lost star Randi Allen. There is also an original trailer.

This DVD is one of the best releases of the year and it should be seen by every horror fan. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

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