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Monday, April 24, 2017


This film has been reviewed on here a couple of times, and I bring it back once again as the Blu-ray has finally been released from Arrow.

It is about time this classic Euro horror/giallo gets a decent release.

Anthony Steffen stars as Alan Cunningham, a man recently released from as asylum who is having trouble adjusting to normal life. He picks up a beautiful red headed prostitute, takes her back to his castle and proceeds to torture and kill her in his little play room.

At the same time he is being haunted by the spirit of his dead wife Evelyn, who died in childbirth. This film is a bizarre mixture of Giallo and supernatural horror and has plenty of plot twists and some gaping holes.

Alan manages to pick up a sultry dancer named Susie (Erika Blanc) who he also apparently kills after whipping her and then chasing her as she attempts to escape the castle.

In a double twist ending we find that Alan may not be involved in any of this activity talked about above, but it may have been a set up by evil friends who want Alan's money.

I won't give away anything just in case you haven't seen this wonderful little film. Director Emilio Miraglia does an excellent job at bringing tension to almost every scene, and the actors are a good mixture of familiar faces we have all seen before. The cast includes Giacomo Rossi Stuart as Alan's one real friend and family doctor, Marina Malfatti as Gladys, the new wife of Alan and Enzo Tarascio as George a man with many secrets.

The Blu-ray presentation on this film is nothing short of stunning. Finally presented in the proper aspect ratio with a very color saturated picture and great sound.

The disc is also loaded with extras including a new interview with Erika Blanc, new interview with critic Stephen Thrower, an archival interview with Erica Blanc, the US and Italian trailer, and an interview with production designer Lorenzo Baraldi.

This is a Euro horror fans dream!! One of the best releases of the year so far!!! With all the garbage I read about these new movies coming out and earning billions of dollars, all I can say is you can keep all of this modern trash you call movies and I will stick to gems like this. They knew how to make movies back in the day and with hardly any money.

And how can one go wrong with ANY film starring Erika Blanc? My God, her dance scene in this film is enough to excite any normal male viewer, and her scenes in Steffans torture chamber are worth much more than anything being made today.

A highly recommended film!!

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