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Thursday, April 20, 2017


Excellent film noir.

Peter Lorre stars as a mystery writer named Cornelius Leyden who becomes interested in a noted criminal when his body is washed ashore in the Bosphorus.

Leyden questions many people about the noted criminal called Dimitrios Makropoulos and starts putting his life story together. It seems Dimitrios was a schemer, liar, traitor and a murderer.

During the course of the investigation, Leyden comes to know a Mr. Peters (Sidney Greenstreet) who has a very intense hoping that Dimitrios is still alive.

After several flashbacks reveal what a total ass he really was, it is discovered that Dimitrios is still alive. When I was a child my mother recommended this movie to me and it took a few years for me to finally find it, and what a joy to behold.

This is a finely crafted film that keeps you guessing at the many plot twists as well as shocked at all the dastardly deeds Dimitrios does during the course of the film. The very underrated Zachary Scott turns in one of the performances of his career as the creepy title character.

A highly recommended film noir.

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