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Sunday, April 23, 2017


One of four films Boris Karloff shot scenes for before he passed away. This is also known as HOUSE OF EVIL.

This was the first one that was released and it wasn't until 1978 that this film got some exposure. It seems that several relatives of a man who recently died have gathered at his castle for the reading of his will.

There they find a collection of toys that have been imbued with life and kill the relatives one by one.

This film is not as bad as some people think and I do enjoy watching it once in a while. Jack Hill directed the Karloff segments and Juan Ibanez handled the Mexican film version.

Karloff's character is called Matthais Morteval which sounds evil unto itself. The rest of the cast includes Julissa, Andres Garcia and Beatriz Baz.

Worth checking out if you're a Karloff fan and just a fan of off the wall films.

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