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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Fun little Fred Olen Ray film.

Another gem that is MIA from DVD or Blu-ray. Kathy Shower stars as Kat Withers,a government narcotics agent who discovers that her boyfriend has been kidnapped by drug lords in Mexico.

The cartel is being run by a former American agent named Morgan Denny (William Smith). Withers leads her team to Mexico to both stop the cartel and rescue her boyfriend, Clint Jensen (Brian Thompson).

There is lots of action in this film and many, many familiar faces including Sid Haig, Dawn Wildsmith, Ross Hagen, Mel Wells, Robert Quarry, Russ Tamblyn and Tane McClure.

Marie Windsor has a great part as an employee of Hollywood Book And Poster who also has a side job of supplying Kat with high tech destructive weapons!! Great stuff.

I can't see any Fred Olen ray fan not liking this film. I only wish this and others would be made available on Blu-ray. If you can find this anywhere, I highly recommend this.

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