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Saturday, February 7, 2015


Oh yes, this finally arrives on Blu-ray.

Peter Cushing and Doug McClure are two men who use a device invented by Cushing to drill into the earth. They have an accident and end up in a very bizarre world within the earth called Pellucider.

This world is garish in color and is inhabited by strange monsters and a warrior-like race that enslaves others for labor. They are themselves controlled by giant prehistoric birds with telekinetic powers called Mahas.

Along the way the two men run into a lovely cave woman played by Caroline Munro, who is so beautiful in Blu-ray it is hard for me to describe. Together they must ban together and destroy the Mahas.

I first saw this when it played in theaters in 1976, and at the time I was a projectionist and saw it twice a night for a week. I LOVE this film. It captures the spirit and atmosphere of the original source material which is a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. I read a lot of negative crap written about this film by young people who have never read a Burroughs book, or even know who he is.

Total entertainment on a small scale, and a huge thanks to Kino for the Blu-ray release.

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