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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


AKA Torture Chamber Of Dr. Sadism.

That original title really blows my mind! This is one of my favorite Euro horror films of all time.

Christopher Lee is Count Regula, a man who has killed 12 virgins. he is sentenced to be drawn and quartered, which he is, but he does vow revenge on his executioners.

Cut to 35 years later and he is back seeking his 13th virgin, which happens to be the daughter of his intended victim many years ago. Lex Barker is the man whose father was the Judge that passed sentence on the Count. Both are taken to the castle and put thru some pretty terrible experiences.

Lee actually looks dead in this film, and the look is pure gothic. Gorgeous Karin Dor is the woman Lee wants to kill to gain immortality. There is some pretty startling imagery in this film including a forest full of corpses hanging from trees and body parts growing out of trees and out of the ground.

Very well done and creepy to boot. If you're a fan of Euro horror, or horror in general, you might want to check this out. The print from Sinister in uncut.

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