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Sunday, February 1, 2015


Nifty little killer bug movie.

This is a very good Roger Corman production about mutant meat eating cockroaches that have been bred by a mysterious company located by a small New England fishing village.

Robert Lansing is the mayor who demands an investigation when several people and animals are found partially eaten. His investigation is put on hold by the higher powers that be because it's supposed to be a military secret.

The hideous roaches continue to mutate until they actually become what they consume. There is a bizarre cat-roach as well as Robert Lansing's character being killed and then coming back as a man sized roach. This gets more and more bizarre until the final when we actually see the queen roach, which turns out to be one of the most interesting monsters ever to appear in a movie except for the 1982 version of "The Thing."

This is an interesting film that shouldn't be missed by any horror fan. The rest of the cast includes Lisa Langlois, Franc Luz, and Terri Treas. Recommended!!

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