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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Western that has taken a lot of criticism isn't as bad as they say.

William Shatner plays twin brothers. One is a renegade Comanche Indian an the other is a quiet man who is always at war with his brother.

Notah, the Comanche leader raids a stagecoach and kills everyone on the stage except a beautiful young woman played by Rosanna Yanni. He rapes her and leaves her for dead. Johnny Moon, his twin fins the woman and brings her back to town.

The hatred between the two brothers slowly build until they meet in a duel on horseback. This is a strange western with some bizarre shots, but all in all not as bad as people say.

Shatner is ok in the role of the twin brothers. Some of the dialogue is stilted, but that hardly qualifies it as a bad film. If you like westerns you should at least try and see this film. Believe it or not Warner Archives is releasing this on a Blu-ray disc!

Yanni always looks hot as well as Perla Cristal who plays Notah's love whom he ignores. Joseph Cotton is the sheriff and does his usual stalwart job of acting.

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