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Thursday, February 19, 2015


A magnificent one of a kind film.

A woman wakes up from a nightmare in a skid row hotel and a narrator tells us we are going to take a journey into an insane mind.

There is no dialogue as the woman encounters an abusive husband, a wino, a fat rich man (Bruno VeSota), crooked police and much more. This is shot in a great looking film noir style and it really hols your attention.

Jazz great Shorty Rogers appears in a jazz sequence and the music is very good. I love the way the film unfolds into madness. Ed McMahon is the narrator and after finding this out an really listening to him, you can tell it's him.

If you get a chance you will want to check it out. As I stated above, this is a one of a kind film that really should be seen. This is also the film that was being shown in the theater in the 1958 film "The Blob". Highly recommended!!

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