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Friday, February 20, 2015


The second in the trilogy of film starring Clint Eastwood as the "man with no name".

Eastwood turns in another fine performance under the direction of Sergio Leoni. This time he is hunting El Indio and his gang when he meets Col. Douglas Mortimer who is also looking to capture or kill Indio for the bounty.

They decide to work together and split the reward. Mortimer is played by Lee Van Cleef, he and Eastwood make a great team.

As they close in and finally corner the killer one of them makes his real intentions known which provides the film with a good little twist. There are plenty of gunfights and laughs along the way in this well paced film that shouldn't be missed by any spaghetti western film fan.

It's sad that this was not released in the US at the time it was made in 1965. This and "Fistfull Of Dollars" was delayed until after the release of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" because US film studios were afraid they wouldn't be moneymakers for them.

Forty plus years later they are now absolute classics of cinema. See this film and decide for yourself.

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