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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This title is due out on Blue-ray real soon, but this is for the regular DVD.

Peter Fonda stars as Heavenly Blues, the leader of a motorcycle gang that just wants to "ride and be free of the man" as he states in the film.

The film opens with the gang avenging the theft of a bike from one of their members, Loser, played by Bruce Dern. During the ensuing mayhem Loser is shot and arrested. While being held in the hospital, the gang help him escape, but they pull out the IV tube in his arm and he dies a short time later.

They plan to bury him in a cemetery an a riot breaks out between the gang and the townspeople.

This is classic Roger Corman. He directed this film with flair and it made Peter Fonda a household name. Nancy Sinatra is Monkey, the main squeeze of Blues. I have always liked this film simply because of the rebellious nature of everyone involved. Corman hired real Hell's Angels to be in the film as well, and this did cause some behind the scenes trouble.

If you haven't seen this, I recommend you do. The Blu-ray will be spectacular, but any version of the film is a must see. Others in the cast include Diane Ladd, Michael J. Pollard, Gayle Hunnicut, and Frank Maxwell. Look quickly for Dick MIller as an oil well worker.

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