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Monday, February 9, 2015


I decided to re-watch this classic a while back.

Sexy Candice Rialson is a young actress who wants to make it in movies so she comes to Hollywood and gets a job at "Miracle Pictures" where the motto is "if it's a good movie-it's a Miracle".

Paul Bartel is the director of a film entitled "Machete Maidens of Mora Tau" and some mysterious person is killing off the actresses one by one.

Joe Dante and Allen Arkush directed this with love and care and it shows. This is a project about people who make low budget crap that fans love and critics hate. There are tons of hilarious sight gags in this film and it is required viewing for any fan of Roger Corman. I have worked on very low budget films, and this film strikes a chord very deep.

It's always nice to see Candice in any film. The rest of the cast includes Mary Woronov, Dick Miller (as Walter Paisley), Jonathan Kaplan and Tara Stromeier.

I can't recommend this film enough and I keep hoping it gets a Blu-ray treatment soon. If you can find it, watch it and have a great time.

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