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Monday, February 2, 2015


Not too bad of a crime film starring Adam West.

West plays Johnny Cain, a retired free lance adventurer who now owns a nightclub. One night a garbage truck rams the building and kills a top mobster.

The gang threatens to kill John unless he solves the crime. Along with him is the CIA, who is also investigating the crime. johnny and the CIA work together to both solve the crime and save johnny's life.

After a lot of fist fights and gun battles we learn that the murder was part of a long term plan by Communists to take over the mob in the US. Nehemiah Persoff is the CIA investigator who works with Johnny and lovely Nancy Kwan is Johnny's old flame, Revel Drue. They soon fall back into their relationship as the action heats up.

This is not a bad crime film as it moves right along and keeps the viewer interested. Franics Lyon directed and the rest of the cast includes Robert Alda, David Bryan, Buddy Greco, and Lisa Todd.

A rare film that should be more widely available.

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