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Saturday, February 14, 2015


Unusual spy film.

An all star cast appears in this unique film about trying to stop the Opium trade coming in from Iran

In an effort to stop it a group of narcotics agents inject a radioactive compound into some opium hoping that it will be traced back to the original distributor in Europe.

The cast includes such stars as E.G. Marshall as an agent who hides under the bed of co-star Angie Dickinson, Rita Hayworth as a drug addict, Gilbert Roland, Eli Wallach, Trini Lopez, Omar Sharif, Grace Kelly, Stephen Boyd, Senta Berger, Yul Brynner, Jack Hawkins and many more.

Interesting to note that Terence Young worked for free and the other big name stars were paid a dollar for their work. This is a film any film buff will want to see. it's available on a lot of PD sets, so check it out if you want. Not too bad.

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