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Sunday, March 1, 2015


This is the second Gamera film, and what a wild one.

This one is shot in color and features out monster turtle coming back to earth after the rocket from the previous movie was hit by a meteor.

A new monster appears named Barugon who shoots freezing chemicals out of his tongue and can also shoot out a destructive rainbow out of his back! All this is well and good, but this is also the film in which Gamera became a friend of children. Why this move was made always has mystified me.

The basic story revolves around Barugon hatching from what thieves believe to be an Opal. The special effects are pretty good and even though I said this was the turning point in Gamera films, this is actually the ONLY film of the original series to not star a child. Gamera saves a child, but that is it, and I think after that....well that is another story for another review.

I could recommend this film for any Japanese monster movie fan as it isn't too bad. Barugon is pretty cool as well. Again, this is presented in the correct widescreen ratio and in original Japanese language with English subs.

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