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Friday, March 6, 2015


On March 21, 1969 this was unleashed on the world when it was released in Japan.

Good God almighty!!! Gamera follows two kidnapped children to a distant planet where they have been taken by evil alien women.

The women want to eat the brains of the children and nobody back on Earth will believe a little girl who saw the boys kidnapped. Gamera arrives on the planet an fights outer space Gyaos. After dispatching him the aliens attack Gamera with Guiron, a monster that looks like a knife with hands and feet!!

Gamera does some gymnastics while fighting the monster and then kills Guiron and the aliens. he then brings the children back to Earth!! All I can say is OH MY GOD!

Not the worst, but certainly not the best of the series. The children are annoying as usual, but I did find the little girl to be quite cute as she tries to convince people of the alien abduction. This is also known as ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS. The Mill Creek print is flawless, in widescreen and subtitled.

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